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Steel Welding Kit Suppliers UAE

Welding kits are those equipment's applied in welding operation works. Welding is a fabrication works that combines materials like metals by creating a fusion and apply lower temperature metal-joining techniques such like brazing and soldering methods that doesn't melt the metal component. Some of the types of welding kits supplied by Steel welding kit suppliers UAE are welding machine, welding electrodes, welding helmets, welding gloves, welding jackets, welding electrodes holder and safety glasses.

MIG Welding kits suppliers in UAE

MIG welding is a popular welding machine methods applied in metal fabrication and repair operations due to its versatility along with necessary equipment's and accessories. Some of the important component's that comes under MIG Welding kits are welding machines, wire feeder for consistent feed rate, welding torch holds the electrode wire and directs the shielding gas to the weld area, gas cylinder and regulator to shield weld pool from atmospheric contamination and welding kit consumables like welding wire, contact tips, nozzles, and shielding gas along with safety gear items like helmets, gloves and jackets for protection against fumes. One of the popular leading brand for welding cart kit supplier UAE that is currently available in fyind that is Telwin Welding Kit

Telwin Welding Kit

  • 50, 60 Hz frequency
  • 43 x 17.5 x 34 cm dimension
  • Innovative system for cleaning TIG and MIG welded parts on stainless steel
  • Eliminates coloration and oxidation effects
  • Use of a brush with the green Brush-it liquid is indicated for delicate cleaning of vast surfaces
  • Wedge-shaped T-Clean accessory with yellow Clean-it liquid is ideal for more decisive cleaning
  • Rapid distribution of power on the surface to clean
  • Minimal energy consumption

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