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About Parking Equipment 


As towns get bigger and parking spots get harder to find, there is a greater need than ever for parking equipment that is both efficient and new. From smart parking solutions to automated parking equipment, the parking business is changing quickly to meet the needs of both drivers and parking owners.


Automated parking systems (APS) are another type of parking equipment that is new and different. APS solves or greatly lowers several real problems in traditional parking garages. 


APS can help cut down on the space needed for parking and the time and effort needed to park and get a car. They can also help reduce the chance of crashes and theft and the damage that parking does to the environment.


There are also more and more smart parking systems (SPS). SPS uses sensors and other technologies to make it easy and quick for drivers to find parking spots. They can also help parking lot managers run their lots more efficiently, lowering the need for human help and improving parking for drivers.


The future of parking equipment is bright, and many exciting changes are coming. From smart parking options to robotic car parks, the parking industry is changing quickly to meet the needs of both drivers and parking operators. 


There has never been a better time to look into the latest innovations in parking tools, whether you are a driver looking for a quick and easy way to park or a parking lot manager trying to improve your lot.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the four different ways to park?


  • Parallel parking.
  • Perpendicular parking.
  • Angle parking/echelon parking.
  • Other ways to park.


2. What do you call a machine for parking a car?

Ans: APS are also called automated parking facilities (APF), automated vehicle storage and recovery system (AVSRS), car parking systems, mechanical parking, robotic parking building, and other similar names.


3. What is the RFID parking system?

Ans: Parking Systems - FRESH Equipment Parking System

RFID Parking Systems are all-in-one systems that use RFID technology to do things like watch cars 24 hours a day, automatically figure out which spots are open, keep track of who comes and goes, and control entry.


4. What is the safest way to park a car?

Ans: When you park, back your car into the spot so that you look "out" when you get in or out of your car. This strategy makes you more visible to people around you and gives you more time to drive away quickly if a stranger comes up to you.


5. How does the front wheel skid?

Ans: In a car with front-wheel drive, hard stopping or accelerating can often cause the front wheels to skid. You won't be able to turn when the front wheels lose grip. People sometimes think front-wheel skids are more dangerous because they rarely happen.

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