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About Vehicle Roof Systems


Vehicle roof systems are an important part of any car because they protect the driver from the weather and make driving more enjoyable. Whether you need a new roof or want to improve the one you already have, you can choose from several choices.


At FYIND, we meet our customers' needs by offering a wide range of car roof systems from top makers. Our online B2B marketplace makes it easy for people in the UAE to get a wide range of goods and services.


Some products we sell are inner roof pillars, roof single cabs, roof pillows, sunroofs, and more. We have goods for many different makes and types of cars, such as the Nissan Navara, Mitsubishi L200, and more. 


We carefully choose our suppliers to ensure we only give high-quality goods that meet our customers' needs.


We have the goods and services you need if you own a business or are an individual looking for a car roof system. Join FYIND for free today to get access to our UAE goods directory and find the perfect car roof system for your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the various kinds of automobile roof rails?

Ans: The majority of automobiles can accommodate one of the three principal varieties of roof rails:

The most prevalent type of roof bar is steel square rods.

Aluminium-constructed aero bars. More aerodynamic than conventional roof bars.

Wing bars are manufactured exclusively by Thule. Made from aluminium.


2. What do you call the top part of a car?

Ans: Sunroofs, moonroofs, and panoramic roofs are at least three types of roofs often put on cars. People sometimes even call sunroofs "moonroofs."


3. What does the roof system do?

Ans: The roof has two main jobs: to protect against the weather and to look nice. This is an aesthetic function that is consistent with the entire formal structure of the building.


4. What are roof railings on a sport utility vehicle?

Ans: Roof railings are essential for transporting objects on the roof. If the interior is filled, the car can be turned to various uses with their assistance. Bicycles, skis, boxes, surfboards, and even vessels can be securely fastened to the roof railings with the proper accessories.


5. What are flush roof supports used for?

Ans: Ogilvie Subaru, Flanked Rail. These railings are aligned with the roof, with no gap between them. Inner or peripheral grooves are used to mount the crossbars. There are several mounting alternatives available for this design.

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