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Welding machine suppliers in UAE

Welding Machine better known as Welder a specialized welding device designed to assemble two or more metal components by heating them to a certain melting point and cooling those metal components thus creating a strong bond. Welding Machines have wide applications in industries they comes in various types and sizes supplied by Welding machine suppliers in UAE are MIG welding machines, TIG welding machines, Stick welding machines, portable welding machines along with welding equipment accessories welding equipment accessories

Second hand MIG welding machine suppliers UAE

MIG Welding Machine are as specialized welding machine device build for combining metal pieces together. These welding machines are designed with consumable electrode wire to shield weld pool from atmospheric contamination. These machines comes in two types supplied by Second hand MIG welding machine suppliers UAE i.e. transformer based MIG welder and Inverter based MIG welder.

Uses: MIG welding machines are used in Automotive repair and fabrications works like welding body panels, exhaust systems, and chassis components, construction works like steel works, metal reinforcement works.

Technical Specification of Best MIG Welding Machine

  • Inverter type based welding machine power source
  • 10 to 550 A Output current range
  • 25m/min wire feed speed
  • Forced air cooled
  • IP 23 Degree Protection
  • Light weight, Trolley Mounted and Sturdy
  • Compact, rigid and dust proof built welding equipment
  • Digital display of all parameters
  • Warning and operational LED indications for over/under voltage and over temperature

Small TIG Welding Machine Suppliers UAE

TIG Welding Machine is a specialized type of industrial welding equipment that utilize non-consumable tungsten electrode to produce the weld. These welding machines in UAE has a greater industrial applications starting from Precision Welding in aerospace and automobile industries, Stainless Steel and Aluminum Fabrication works to develop clean, high-quality welds, pipe welding applications and more. Some of the advantages of switching to TIG welding machines in UAE business industries are precision control over welding arc, heat input and filler material deposition produce clean welds with minimal spatter and slag and are applied for welding on various materials like stainless steel, aluminum, copper

Technical specification of TIG Welding Machines

  • Portable, lightweight and sturdy welding machine
  • AC TIG Output: 20-160 amps
  • DC TIG Output: 5-160 amps
  • MMA Output: 5-120 amps
  • 25 kg net weight and 515x220x395 mm dimensions
  • Generator friendly
  • Cooling Fan with thermostatic protection
  • Suitable for inert gases like argon, helium, or mixtures

The Welding Machine price UAE for both TIG and MIG welding machines starts from AED 500 - AED 2000 for basic welding machines works like light-duty work and hobbyists, AED 2,000 to AED 5,000 for moderate duty tasks, and AED 5,000 and above for industrial welding machines heavy-duty machines designed for professional works.

Used Industrial welding machines suppliers UAE

The Small industrial welding machine supplier UAE are those business industries specialized in the supply chain of various types of welding machines in UAE. These welding machines in UAE play a vital role in combining all types of materials like metal by melting the workpieces thus placing a filler material to create a strong joint. Some of the types of welding machine in UAE supplied by Used Industrial welding machine suppliers UAE that are highly damning in the market are arc welding machines, resistant wedding machines, gas welding machines manufactured by Best industrial welding machine manufacturers UAE. Some of the Used industrial welding machine brands UAE that high recognized and are currently leading in the market are Telwin Repair Welding Machine, ARC Welding Machine, I Power Inverter Welding Machine, Lincoln Electric Welding Machine

Telwin Welding Machine suppliers in UAE

The Telwin brand welding machines are those devices that are microprocessor controlled suitable for car body applications, LCD digital, multifunction control panel allows the automatic regulation of spot welding parameters according to the chosen tool and sheet thickness and “STUDDER” kit for spot welding of screws, washers, rivets and pulling stars, sheet warming and upsetting. These welding machines comes in weight of 26 kg and 39 x 26 x 22.5 cm dimensions, IP 22 protection degree and 50, 60 Hz frequency.

Product specification of Telwin Welding Machine

  • 50-60 Hz power supply telwin welding machine
  • 200A 24% - 115 60% duty cycle at 40 degree Celsius
  • Weldable materials: Aluminum, ferrous metals as well Steel, Stainless Steel, Copper.
  • Designed with thermostatic protection, over-voltage and under voltage safety systems
  • 2 yrs warranty
  • Professional application

Used arc welding machine suppliers

The ARC welding machines are supplied by the brand Cooperweld Welding Machines suppliers in UAE. These welding machines are Portable IGBT inverter stick welder machines, Thermal Protection equipment, 150V-260V wide input voltage, anti sticking and arc force. These Welding machine suppliers in UAE also provide Cooperweld welding machine accessories like Welding cable with electrode holder -1 Piece, Earth cable with earth clamp 1-piece and Belt.

I Power Inverter Welding Machine

The I power inverter welding machines are designed with Inverter technology for easy starts and a stable, more reliable arc ideal for shop or field use, Easy-access welding controls for precise adjustment and provides Over-current protection with indicator light with electrode holder and ground clamp

Product specification of I Power Inverter Welding Machine

  • 50, 60 hz frequency
  • 8 kg net weight and 10 kg gross weight
  • Air Cooling methods and comes with 70, 5 V No Load Voltage DC
  • 220 V power and 4.0 - 5.0 mm welding rod diameter
  • Analog Electronic circuit type
  • Maximum output voltage and current is around 28.8 V and 30 A
  • Digital current meter and copper transformer coil

Lincoln Electric Fire Feeder Welder

The Lincoln Electric Fire Feeder Welder is a welding machine device supplied by Kanno Machinery Welding machine suppliers in UAE. These devices are suitable for project and repair welding at home, farms and automobile applications. These welding machine in UAE offer Superior Arc Performance, 30-140 amp welding output range, excellent performance and convenience, smooth arc with minimal splatter and Precise Wire Drive.

Product specification of Lincoln Electric Fire Feeder Welder

  • Hassle-free wire spool mounting
  • Repair Welding Application
  • 22.5 kg net weight and 120 V
  • 347 x 264 x 455 mm dimension
  • Flux-Cored (FCAW), MIG (GMAW) machine process
  • 60 Hz frequency with a wire speed range of 50 - 700 ipm
  • Spool Gun Capable

Industrial welding machine accessories suppliers UAE

Welding is vital operation in various industries and can often be dangerous. To prevent the danger safety wears must be put on during the operations. Some of the welding equipment accessories provided by Industrial welding machine accessories suppliers UAE are welding helmets against sparks, UV rays, welding gloves, gas cylinders, welding aprons and jackets and welding clamps and magnets that provides stability and accuracy.

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