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Ceramic Fuse
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Location : Dubai
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Ceramic Fuse
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Location : Dubai
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Surge Arrestor
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Location : Sharjah

Best circuit protection devices & accessories suppliers UAE

Circuit protection devices and accessories are significant components in Electrical Supplies as they provide safety and prevention of damages over electrical equipment's and supplies. These electrical components are supplied by Circuit Protection Devices & Accessories suppliers in UAE starting from Ceramic Fuse, Fuse Holder, Electronic Fuse, Automotive Fuse, Surge Arrestor at best price in Fyind.

Ceramic Fuse Suppliers UAE

Ceramic fuses are important components in electrical supplies. They are build to electrical equipment's and wirings from excessive current flow damages. These devices are widely used in industries due to their robust strength, high temperature resistivity and durability These fuses are build with material using ceramic a mix of clay and other mineral fired at high temperature that creates a strong durable form. These fuses are widely applied in industries like industrial machinery, power distribution networks, automobile sectors and more. Ceramic Fuse can withstand at high temperature, durable and resistant to electric shocks, vibration and are long lasting.

Automotive fuse holder suppliers in UAE

Fuse holders are significant electrical system parts build to safeguard circuits from overcurrent circumstances. They facilitate housing for fuses i.e. safety devices interrupting the current flow once it exceeds a certain level by preventing damage electrical supplies and lessening risk of fire. The prime motive of these fuse holders is to to securely hold fuses in place within an electrical circuit. Fuse holders provide overcurrent protection by fusing to melt or blow when the current exceeds the rated value by interrupting the circuit and avoiding damage to connected devices and protects equipment devices like appliances, motors, and electronic devices that are sensitive to overcurrent conditions. Some of the types of fuse holders supplied by fuse holder suppliers in UAE are Catridge fuse holder, Panel mount fuse holder, PCB mount fuse holder, DIN rail mount fuse holder and more at bets price in fyind.

Here are the Fuse holder brands UAE list that are currently leading in the market Licota Fuse Holder,ETI DIN Rail Mounted Fuse holder,Socomec Fuse Holder

Product specifications of fuse holder

  • Cartridge fuse holder or panel mount fuse holder type based product
  • 600 Voltage rating fuse holder
  • panel mount, PCB mount style
  • Thermoplastic or ceramic designed material
  • Comes in black or white color fuse holder
  • P20, IP65 protection classes
  • Brass or nickel plated terminal material
  • Comes in a size of 17.5 x 81 mm
  • Meets IEC 60947-1, IEC 60947-3 standards

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