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Best Vehicle Trim and Exterior Covering Suppliers in Dubai

Fyind provides a list of companies that supplies and manufactures Vehicle trim and exterior covering mainly used in Automotive industries.The vehicle trim and exterior covering suppliers in Dubai offer various type of interior trims, exterior body parts, decorative equipment's and protective coverings for durability and performance of vehicles in Dubai. These car parts are available and are widely used and applicable. These parts comes is different types and sizes.

Best Car Wraps and Decals suppliers in Dubai:

Car Wraps and Decals suppliers in Dubai are those that offers large variety of wraps and decals materials, finishes and design that helps in suiting the the best choice for the car as well as the installation process. Some of the materials that are used in the vehicles for design and wraps are mostly are Vinyl and Paint protection film.

Vinyl and PPF:

Vinyl also called PVC is a synthetic plastic material that are used in cars they are know for durability, water resistance and flexibility. they are available in various types like sheets, rolls and film. Get in touch with the best PPF and Vinyl suppliers company.


  • Car wrapping where large sheets are placed on the entire vehicle or certain parts to modify its colours, mimic textures. It provides safeguard against scratches, UV rays for the original paint.
  • Decals and Graphics: The car wraps and decal suppliers in Dubai provides small vinyl stickers that are applied on car windows, doors and hoods for a unique branding of the vehicle.
  • Interior trim: Vinyls are applied in dashboard, door panels and arm rest. They are durable resist wear and tear, scratches and spill and easy tidying.
  • Vinyl floor mats safeguard the interiors of cars against dirt, muds and protection over the trunks.
  • The PPF also called as Paint protection films safeguards the vehicle’s paint against chips, UV damage and scratches.

Some of the techniques for installation of Vinyl and PPF for Car wraps and decals:

  • Digital Printing: Best car wraps and decals suppliers companies in Dubai manufactures and uses digital printing onto vinyl films that is high quality images because it creates photo-realistic graphics and limitless customization possibilities.
  • DIY Kits: Dubai car wraps and decal suppliers provides DIY kits along with pre-cut vinyl pieces, tools and instruction books for guidance. Some of its application tools are heat guns, squeeze are applied on vehicles for professional finish. They are cost effective and flexible.
  • Hand-painted murals: For artistic expression and individuality hand painted murals take car customization to a different level. They provide uniqueness and high value of the car.

Some of the popular Vinyl and PPF brands in Dubai:

  • Foilers
  • Paint Protection Solution L.L.C
  • Wrap Style Dubai UAE
  • The knight skin Dubai
  • Delights Window Tinting

Vehicle Trim and Exterior Covering Dealers Dubai:

The Vehicle Trim and Exterior Covering Dealers are those business that manufactures all car body parts and sells to its clients starting from LED, head lights, rear bumper and front bumper.

Vehicle trim and exterior covering refer to the decorative and protective elements added to a vehicle's interior and exterior.

Best body kits and ground effects dealer Dubai:

Body kits and ground effects dealers in Dubai are those business that sells automotive accessories for the performance and appearance of the vehicles. These body kits mostly includes front and rear bumpers, sode skirts, LEDs and covering like vinyl car wraps and more at a competitive pricing.

Uses: The prime motive of this body parts is to improve aerodynamics and down force and enhancement of car visual parts.

Some of the Materials used in this vehicles are Fiberglass and Carbon fiber and polyurethane.

Application of Vehicle Trim and Exterior Covering and parts:

  • Weather stripping and rubber seals are applied for interior vehicle safeguarding against water, wind and dust. They are sealed in doors, windows and trunks that develops a watertight seal.
  • It provides thermal insulation by trim materials and exterior covering thus maintains a pleasing temperature inside cars.
  • These exterior trims and covering are built in such a way that it resist scratches and scuffs.
  • Vehicle trim materials like splitters and spoilers are built to improve the aerodynamics of the car by minimizing drags and enhancing fuel efficiency.
  • LED lights are used in automobiles for functionality, design and visibility.
  • Window trims are applied on vehicles that provides water and air links.
  • Rust prevention and Aesthetic enhancement

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