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Flat Washer
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Fibre Gasket
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Ring Joint Gasket
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Location : Abu Dhabi
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Conical Washer
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Location : DUBAI
Lock Washer
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Location : Abu Dhabi
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Flat Washer
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Location : Sharjah
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Terminal Plate Gasket
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Location : AJMAN
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O Ring Gasket
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Tapered Washer
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Clipped Washer
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Gaskets and Washers in UAE

Fyind is the right B2b platforms that enables the users to connect to the best gaskets and washers suppliers in UAE. These suppliers in UAE provide wide range of gaskets and washers designed for industrial and residential applications starting from oil and gas industries, construction applications, automobile and aerospace industries, HVAC systems, Electrical installation purposes and more. Gaskets & Washers are those specialized hardware devices or mechanical seals designed to prevent the flow leakage and manage pressures.

Gaskets Suppliers in UAE

Godwin Trading L.L.C, Spira Power Gasket Manufacturing L.L.C, Trans Tech Trading L.L.C, Nazwah General Trading L.L.C, Opar trading, Aquaplex, SJS Enersol L.L.C are considered as the top gasket suppliers in UAE. These suppliers provide wide range of gaskets starting from o ring gasket, rubber gasket, flange gasket, flat gasket spiral wound gasket, metal jacketed gasket

Top Oil Gasket brands in UAE

SPIRA POWER ring gasket is the top oil gasket brands in UAE. These gaskets are of high quality, durable and has wide applications, cost effective, can stand against extreme temperatures and UV resistant. These gaskets can withstand against high pressures, energy efficient and flexible.

Product Specification of SPIRA POWER ring joint gasket

  • Stainless steel built material
  • Oval and Octagonal shaped size ring
  • 1/2 inch size
  • Meet 150, 300 - 600, 900, 1500, 2500, API 6A psi pressure class
  • Maximum Hardness Brinell: 160
  • Maximum Hardness Rockwell B: 83

Rubber Gasket UAE

Rubber gaskets are those types of seals applied in industrial and automobile applications. These rubber gaskets are elastic and flexible, durable, cost effective and chemical resistant. SKOLAN SAFE NBR Gasket, Unicorn rubber gasket, ESLON EPDM Gasket are the top leading rubber gasket brands in UAE.

Product Specification of SKOLAN Safe NBR Gasket

  • NBR designed material
  • 70 shore A hardness
  • 40 mm nominal diameter
  • 17 HWG
  • 1.2 g/cm³ density
  • Oil and fuel resistivity
  • UV resistant and thermal conductivity features

Wholesale Washers Suppliers in UAE

Master Mechanical Equipment L.L.C, Golden Metal Trading L.L.C, Arabian Falcon Equipment L.L.C, New Qamar Al Huda Trading L.L.C are the top leading wholesale washers suppliers in UAE providing various types of washers starting form lock washers, spring washers, serrated washers and flat washers. These washers are designed using materials like stainless steel with passivated surface finish and corrosion resistivity.

Flexicon Noprene Sealing Washer, Legris Sealing Washer, Burndy Lock Washer, Hawk International are the top washer brands in UAE which was greater applications.

Flat Washers Suppliers in UAE

Flat washers are those type of hardware device designed using materials like plastic and metal with a hole placed in its center to prevent the fluid leakage. Flat washers help distribute the pressure of a nut or bolt head evenly over a surface, preventing damage to the material being fastened. Opar trading, Prolox International FZ, Al Sherouq Industries L.L.C are the top leading flat washer suppliers in UAE. These flat washers comes in various types Type A washers, hardened washers, wave washers, C washers, stainless steel washers and more.

Flat washer brands in UAE: Norm Flat Washer, Prime Flat Washer, TLP Washer, Unicorn Flat Washer, Hawk International Flat Washer

Product Specification of Norm Flat Washer

  • 12 mm diameter and 1.6 mm thickness
  • Stainless steel built material
  • 65 to 70 Rockwell B hardness
  • 870°C maximum operating temperature
  • UV resistant

Product Specification of Hawk International Flat Washer

  • These flat washers are designed using materials like nylon and fiber
  • 1.5 mm diameter thickness
  • Metric thread type
  • Gland Size Metric: M16
  • 65 to 70 Rockwell B hardness
  • Corrosion resistant

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