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About Structural Bolt


Structural bolts are heavy-duty screws used to connect structural steel in building and engineering projects. These nuts are made to hold up to a lot of weight and are often used in buildings, bridges, and other structures.


There are many different kinds of structure bolts, such as:


  • A325 bolts: These are strong bolts often used to connect solid steel. They are heavier than other bolts and have a shorter thread length.
  • A490 bolts: These are like A325 bolts but are made of stronger steel. They are used for things that need better tensile strength.
  • Tension control bolts, also known as TC bolts: These nuts need a certain amount of force to be put in place. They are often used in situations that require a high level of accuracy.


Many places in UAE sell solid nuts, such as:


  • Baseline Bolting Industries LLC: This business makes and sells the most anchor bolts and other hardware in UAE.
  • Hussaini Brothers: This business gives the building and structural steel industries in Dubai high-tensile steel hexagon bolts and high-strength friction grip bolts.
  • LeJeune Bolt: This company has a full line of structure fasteners, including TC bolts, hex bolts, and F3148 TNA fastening system.


Structural nuts are important parts of a lot of building and engineering projects. When choosing a provider, choosing a company with a good reputation that sells high-quality goods and has great customer service is important.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What's a support bolt?

Ans: A structural bolt is a type of bolt that is used to connect steel to steel in a way that is strong and safe.


2. How are A325 bolts different from A490 bolts?

Ans: Both A325 and A490 are heavy hex structure bolts, but A490 bolts are stronger and can hold more tension than A325 bolts.


3. What's a slip-critical connection?

Ans: A slip-critical connection is where the nuts are tightened to a certain level to keep the parts from moving or slipping.


4. Can a DTI washer be used with A325 bolts?

Ans: Yes, a DTI nut can be used with an A325 bolt.


5. How do you figure out how long a bolt is?

Ans: From the bottom of the head to the end of the shank is how long a structural bolt is.


6. How far do structural pins have to stick out?

Ans: For structural nuts, the suggested stick-out is up to three threads.

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