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About Personal Protective Equipment


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is clothing or tools meant to protect workers from chemical, medical, and physical dangers. It keeps workers safe when engineering and administrative controls can't be used to lower risks to tolerable levels.


We are one of the most trusted and well-known safety equipment sellers in the United Arab Emirates. We have a lot of good safety gear to choose from. All of our safety products meet industry standards in the UAE, so you get the best, safest, and most professional tools for safety.


Our world network and experts make it easy to meet testing and certification requirements for PPE products in one place. Our accredited labs also help assemble technical files and work with Notified Bodies to ensure the EC-type test is done right.


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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the purpose of personal protective equipment(PPE)?

Ans: PPE is special clothes made to keep dental health care workers (DHCP) from coming into contact with or being exposed to infectious agents. Some of these are gloves, face masks, protective glasses, face shields, and protective clothing like gowns, jackets, and lab coats that can be used more than once or thrown away. Microorganisms can also spread from DHCP to patients. PPE can stop this.


2. What do I do if someone refuses to wear PPE?

Ans: If it's not for a religious or medical reason, all companies should use PPE safely and correctly. If a worker refuses to wear their PPE, it could be considered gross misconduct, and they could be fired, as long as there is a rule that says wearing PPE is required. As a boss, you should let your workers choose equipment that fits them well and is comfortable for them. This will make sure that they always wear it.


3. What color represents PPE?


  • White: For site managers, skilled workers, and car marshals (who can be told apart by the color of their high-visibility vests).
  • Black is for site supervisors.
  • Orange - for slingers and signallers
  • Blue - for all other site visitors


4. How do you maintain PPE?

Ans: PPE must be kept as the maker tells you to. This is very important because leaving PPE around makes it more likely that parts will break down from dirt, oil, UV rays, sunlight, and other things.


5. Do you need to test and check PPE?

Ans: PPE must be carefully checked regularly by qualified staff, following the directions from the manufacturer. As a general rule, the user can take care of simple maintenance (like cleaning the lenses on goggles or changing the straps on a helmet) as long as he or she has been shown how to do so and has been trained.

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