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Block Splitter Suppliers in UAE

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A Block Splitter is a machine used to split logs or wood into small blocks. Block splitters are used for homeowners, farmers etc.

Log Splitter

Log Splitter is another word for Block Splitter. This tool is also used for splitting blocks, paving bricks etc.

Hydraulic Splitters

A hydraulic block splitter is a powerful machine used to split blocks and is more powerful than manual splitters. These splitters are used for splitting larger or dense materials.

Electric Splitters

Electric Log Splitters are created to split logs using electric power for firewood and various other purposes. For proper maintenance, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's safety guidelines.

Kinetic Log Splitters

Kinetic Log Splitters is a machines which is operated by Kinetic energy for splitting blocks. The primary mechanism of the Kinetic Log Splitter is the flywheel system.

Horizontal Splitter

A horizontal Log Splitter is a device which spits a log placed in a horizontal position. These machines are used by farmers, and homeowners to process wood materials.

Heavy-duty block Splitters

Heavy-duty block splitters is a powerful machines used to manage dense materials. These machines split the log quickly with efficiency and save time.

What is a Block Splitter used for?

Block Splitter also called Brick splitter is used to cut and shape bricks, blocks and paving slabs.

What does a block cutter do?

A Block Cutter is used to split bricks or blocks to finish the corners and edges and provides a neat cut to the bricks.

Block Splitter Price

The price of a Log splitter ranges from 750 to 25,000 AED.

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