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Front Lit Banner is a type of banner where light is placed in front of the banner. This type of banner is used for outdoor advertising, events, and promotions to enhance the appearance, especially during dim conditions or at night.

What is the Difference between Front-Lit and Backlit Banners?

The graphics and appearance of the Front-Lit Banner are directed towards natural sunlight and light comes from the front of the banner whereas the graphics and light are placed behind the camera in backlit banners.

What are the Different Types of Flex Banners?

    Some of the different types of flex banner include;
  • Star Flex
  • Backlit Flex
  • 3m Backlit Banner
  • Flex Banner
  • Frontlit Flex Banner
  • Flex Roll

What is the Cost of the Banner?

The Cost of the Banner can depend upon several factors, including the type of banner, size, material, printing method, quantity and customization.

Front Lit Flex

Front Lit flex banner is a type of banner used for outdoor advertising and used in billboards, scaffolding etc.

Material used in Front Lit Banners

Front-lit flex banners are created using a durable and weather-resistant material, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or vinyl. These materials are preferred as they can withstand outdoor conditions.

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