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Carbide Drill Bits Types

Carbide drill bits are highly durable tools designed for drilling through steel, concrete, tile and other resilient materials. Constructed from a blend of carbon and metal, they are integral to numerous industrial projects and masonry works. Listed here with us are the top carbide drill bit suppliers showcasing a curated range of superior drill bits, ensuring outstanding performance and great value for money. Several varieties of carbide drill bits exist in the market, yet the carbide-tipped version is the most frequently utilized in the construction sector.

Solid carbide drill bits

Solid carbide drill bits are predominant tools utilized across various sectors. Crafted from top-quality carbide PCB drills, they come with a 1/8-inch turbo shank. These drill bits retain their sharpness better than their steel counterparts. They are designed to be mounted in drill collars for compatibility with CNC drilling machines.

Carbide-tipped drill bits

Carbide-tipped drill bits are named for their carbon tip, which is brazed onto a hardened tool steel body. They come in various lengths, making them perfect for machine applications. These drill bits maintain their sharp cutting edge even under high machining temperatures, ensuring a smoother surface finish and extended durability.

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Carbide-tipped twist drills with taper shank
Solid Carbide Ratio Drill With Oil Feed (769), 3 mm, 74 mm

Tungsten carbide drill bits

Tungsten carbide drill bits excel at creating clean and accurate holes in various materials. They provide a cutting depth of up to 13mm and come with a 10mm diameter arbour. An added ejector spring ensures the safe disposal of the residual material. Moreover, these drill bits boast significant resistance to corrosion and chemicals.

Carbide twist drill bits

Twist drill bits have spiral flutes along the body that transfer the debris away from the hole. Twist drill bits with a bronze oxide surface finish to improve the ground surface for rapid chip evacuation. Spiral fluted deep hole drill bits have the highest cutting speed with a drilling depth of up to 15mm. They provide perfectly adjusted tolerance and are highly suitable for most material types.

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Taper Shank Carbide-Tipped Twist Drills (705), 12mm diameter, 146mm length
12.5mm solid carbide ratio drill without oil feed (model number 8524) with a length of 107mm
Solid Carbide Ratio Drill Without Oil Feed (1702) of diameter 9.8mm and length 89mm.

Usage and Maintenance

  • For extended durability, make sure to cool adequately.
  • Keep the magnetic base and the workpiece debris-free.
  • Reduce the feed rate by 1/3 at the start and finish of drilling.
  • Utilize compressed air to aid in chip removal in the absence of coolant.

Carbide drill bit breakage

The primary causes of drill bit breakage are radial force and excessive torque. To prevent drill bit breakage employ a hydraulic clamping chuck or a high-precision chucking mechanism. Enhance the coolant pressure from both inside and outside. Examine the cutting parameters and consider decreasing the feed rate.

How to sharpen carbide drill bits

Refining the edges of drill bits enhances their durability and maintains their sharpness. Tools like a grindstone jig, grinder, and drill sharpener are ideal for this purpose. A drill bit features two cutting edges, each flanking its central axis, typically angled at approximately 60 degrees.

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