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Cling Film
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Plastic Film Suppliers in the UAE

Flexible packaging is a method of packaging that uses a non-rigid material which is economical and easy to modify. It has recently grown as the most affordable and high-in-demand packaging method in the packaging industry. It is increasingly common for its durable and versatile nature. We have listed the top plastic film suppliers in UAE who provide an extensive assortment of packaging materials. Their product range includes shrink film, cling film, plastic wrapping film, packaging film, stretch film, surface protection film, lamination film, printed film, pallet covers, stretch hoods, laundry covers, and more.

Comprehensive Range of Plastic Films

Flexible packaging is not just a plastic material but a blend of materials like paper, plastic, and aluminium foil. They are widely known as multi-material packaging. Flexible packaging covers include materials like LDPE, HDPE, Shrink Films, Vacuum pouches, Sachets, BOPA, BOPE, Polypropylene sheets, Base Film, etc. We will extensively cover the range of plastic films available in the market and their uses and applications.

Stretch Hood Film Suppliers

Stretch hood films are multi-layered films used to wrap around pallets for safety. They are cost effective and use relatively less material compared to stretch wrapping. Various types of stretch hoods are available for different uses, including heavy-duty, plastic, lightweight, and printed options.

HDPE and LDPE Bags Suppliers

High-density and low-density polyethylene film bags are available in UAE as oxo-biodegradable shopping bags for supermarkets, shopping malls, department stores, etc. Imported sacks and bags use virgin HDPE as raw material. HDPE is used for flexible films, while LDPE is ideal for pipes, crates, and pallets.

EPS Suppliers

Expanded polystyrene is a thick foam that gives a clean and neat packaging solution. EPS is 98% filled with air, thus making it exceptionally lightweight. EPS sheets are easy to cut into various shapes and sizes.

PU Suppliers

Polyurethane films are transparent film, safe for humans and the environment. Polyurethane films can withstand wear and tear. It makes it ideal for multiple uses. Thermoplastic polyurethane packaging materials are more prevalent in medical packaging.

ABS Suppliers

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) are structural packaging materials where strength and stiffness are essential. Pet container bottles, tablet & capsule industry uses ABS for packaging. Cosmetic industries also use injection moulded tiny containers, mascara tubes and lipstick tubes that use Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene for packaging.

PET Suppliers Or BOPP Packaging Film Suppliers

Polyethylene Terephthalate(PET) is a thermoplastic-engineered film with high mechanical strength. They have approval for usage in the food and beverage industry. Polyethylene terephthalate Packaging Films has a reputable name in the packaging industry as BOPP Packaging Film.

PP Suppliers

Polypropylene is a low-density, lightweight and cost-effective packaging material. These food packaging materials are sustainable, durable, and can withstand freezing and microwave temperatures. Another advantage of Polypropylene sheets is that they are reusable.

PE -Polythene Sheets Suppliers

Polyethylene is a durable and lightweight packaging material used in various packaging industries like bottles, bags and plastic toys. Multiple types of polythene protective sheets ensure the material is well-preserved.

Bopa Films Suppliers

Bopa Films offers an excellent protective shield against external elements. It is ideal for preserving the freshness and quality of packaged goods. BOPA films can withstand high temperatures and utilize green energy resources, thus making them an eco-friendly packaging solution.

POF Heat Shrink Films Suppliers

POF Heat Shrink Film is highly suitable for automatic packaging. POF heat shrinkable wrap films are puncture-resistant and highly worthy for packing irregularly shaped objects. Any automated shrink machine can accommodate POF heat shrink films.

Plain Bopet Films Suppliers

Biaxially-Oriented Polyethylene Terephthalate (BOPET) films are smooth sheets with excellent tensile strength. BOPET primed films achieve improved adhesions with ink, adhesive, and aluminium metallization.

PVC Film Suppliers

Polyvinyl Chloride is a cling film appropriate for food wrapping. These films help to prevent the spread of germs during manufacturing, distribution and display.

Manufacturing Excellence in Plastic Films

Plastic film manufacturers in the UAE achieve manufacturing excellence in shrink film manufacturing by using state-of-the-art technology. Plastic film manufacturers in the UAE prioritize sustainability, reliability, and customer safety.

Stretch Film Manufacturers in UAE

Crateco Park LLC in Ajman is a notable stretch film manufacturer. These stretch films help users bind shipping materials or finished goods to warehouses or distribution centres. They provide a comprehensive range of hand stretch and machine stretch film rolls that serve logistic needs. Al Bayader International supplies FUN brand cling film for preserving freshness and protecting food from micro-organisms. Al Quwa Packing & Packaging Material Trading is a leading supplier of transparent stretch film for food packaging. Aalmir Plastic Industries in Sharjah is a leading supplier of laundry bags, multilayer plastic bags, heavy-duty plastic sac bags and many more.

Polyethene Film Suppliers in Dubai

Falcon Pack is a major supplier of cling films and other food packaging products in the UAE. Vertical Plastic Industry supplies baby roll stretch films to wrap pallets. De Megha in Dubai offers Centerfold POF shrink film, which is a 5-layered, soft and heat-shrinkable film with superior clarity and gloss. Al Areen Packaging Materials in Sharjah is a major supplier of stretch film rolls.

Plastic Films and Sheets for Various Applications

Plastic Film Companies provide numerous plastic film sheets for various applications. Plastic films and sheets are used in the medical, dental, and cosmetic industries. Though the food industry is the most common industry using plastic films, healthcare sectors, the floral industry, retail and supermarkets, and many others use plastic films and sheets.

Specialty and High-Performance Films

Silicone-coated plastic films are highly suitable for sensitive applications. Paper metallization films used for packaging chocolates and cigarettes are printable and hold longer shelf life for the products. Soft touch-coated films provide a unique tactile experience, perfect for luxury packaging. Pattern metallized films or matte films are recommended for decorative packaging uses.

Durable and Eco-Friendly Options

Biodegradable plastic films are a more environmentally friendly option available in the market. These are starch-based packaging films made using starch from corn, potato or wheat. Using eco-friendly plastic bags contributes less waste to the environment.

Custom Solutions and Industrial Applications

Custom-size industrial plastic rolls allow users to custom-design packaging materials with high tensile strength. Customers can custom design polybags or rolls that can best fit their business. These films are customizable in terms of size, thickness and printing options.

Specific Use Cases and Applications

Construction companies use plastic film for greenhouse and whitehouse construction. These films can help the greenhouse developers achieve the optimal temperature that can help the plants grow. They help balance heat and retain moisture in the air. They are also reversible films for different seasons. For example, the white side reflects sunlight whereas the black side absorbs heat.

Product Quality and Varieties

Heavy-duty plastic Films with self-adhesive properties come in handy for packaging industries. Vacuum skin lidding films hold products like yoghurt, soup, meats, cheese, and poultry on the tray.

Plastic film suppliers Dubai:

Plastic films a thin plastic material or plastic sheet that are mainly used for modern packaging, excellent protection and preservation of wide variety of products. These films are mainly applied in plastic bags, films, packaging materials, electrical fabrication, and more.

Fyind is the right platform that connects the buyers to the Wholesale plastic film suppliers Dubai where all types and brands of plastic films are available.

Wholesale plastic film suppliers Dubai:

The wholesale plastic films suppliers Dubai are those companies that involved in the production and selling of plastic films to other business at competitive prices. These films are widely applied in industries starting from packaging industry, agriculture sectors, construction sites, manufacturing industry, Health care sectors and more.

Types of Plastic Films:

  • PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) Film
  • High Clarity
  • PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Film
  • PE (Polyethylene) Film
  • PVA (Polyvinyl Alcohol) Film

Wholesale plastic film brands Dubai:

Lets dive onto the Wholesale plastic film brands Dubai that are high performing, durable along with cheap decorative films brands Dubai that are applied in residential windows and commercial spaces, automobile sectors and more currently available at Fyind.

  • 3M Purple Premium Plus Masking Film
  • Orajet Polymeric Polyvinyl Chloride film
  • Oracal 8300 Transparent Cal 025 Brimstone Yellow

3M Purple Premium Plus Masking Film

  • Advanced HDPE translucent film designed to mask vehicles during refinish applications.
  • Soft flexing for good drape, conformability and static cling for complete masking
  • Resist imprinting and ghosting on painted vehicle surfaces
  • High-density, tear-resistant and clear durable film
  • Designed to allow repositioning of masking tape without tearing
  • Purple translucent colour film type
  • 120°C temperature performance
  • Provides better handling and increase cling to vehicles
  • For more enquiries and price info get in touch with 3M Purple Premium Plus Masking Film

Orajet Polymeric Polyvinyl Chloride film

  • Polyvinyl Chloride designed material
  • Available in white or transparent with a glossy surface
  • 760, 1370, 1520 mm standard width
  • 60 micron thickness
  • Adhered to steel shrinkage, no shrinkage in cross direction, in length 0,2 mm max.
  • Double sided PE coated paper, one side siliconized, 143 g/m².
  • Adhered to steel, self-extinguishing
  • For more enquiries and price info get in touch with Orajet Polymeric Polyvinyl Chloride film

Oracal 8300 Transparent Cal 025 Brimstone Yellow

  • Transparent PVC Film
  • Solvent polyacrylate, permanent, transparent
  • Dry and wet application
  • Adhered to acrylic glass, -40° C to +80° C, no variation
  • 80 micron thickness
  • Designed for decorative markings of glass and glasslike surfaces, for applications indoors as well as outdoors.
  • For more enquiries and price info get in touch with Oracal 8300 Transparent Cal 025 Brimstone Yellow

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