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Plasma Cutting Machine
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Plasma Cutting Machine
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Location : Sharjah
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Plasma cutting machine Suppliers in UAE

Plasma cutting machine is an electric device tool designed for metalworking and fabrication applications for cutting various electric conductive components like steel, aluminum, copper, and other metals. These cutting machines operates by passing through electrically conductive gas a narrow nozzle at a rapid speed with an established electrical arc between the electrode present nozzle and the workpiece, ionizing the gas and forming plasma.

Some of the types of plasma cutting machines provided by Plasma cutting machine Suppliers in UAE are Handheld Plasma Cutting Machines, Mechanized Plasma Cutting Machines, Precision Plasma Cutting Machines, High-Definition Plasma Cutting Machines and more at best prices in fyind.

  • Handheld Plasma Cutting Machines: These plasma cutting machines are portable units suitable for manual operation task. These machines are applied in construction, automotive repair, metal artwork applications. These handheld plasma cutting machines equipment's are designed with handle and a trigger for successful operation and highly preferable for cutting small to medium-sized metal pieces.
  • Mechanized Plasma Cutting Machines: These cutting machines are applied for semi-automated cutting applications, designed with CNC machine equipment's for precise cuts. These cutting tools supplied by plasma cutting machine suppliers in UAE are mainly applied on metal fabrication shops, shipbuilding, automotive manufacturing, and structural steel industrial applications.
  • Precision Plasma Cutting Machines: Specialized cutting tool machines applied for cutting thicker material applications with high accuracy. These cutting machines opt latest technologies like improved torch design, enhanced gas delivery systems, and sophisticated motion control to get precise cuts. These cutting machines are applied in applications like aerospace, defense and manufacturing industries.

Industrial Plasma Cutting Machine Brands UAE

Fyind has a list of Top Industrial Plasma Cutting Machine Brands UAE has wide market in UAE and are applied globally. Some of the top plasma cutting brands supplied by plasma cutting machine suppliers in UAE are Telwin Plasma Cutting Machines, Hugong Plasma Cutting Machines,Steel Tailor Plasma Cutting Machines

Telwin Plasma Cutting Machine

  • Allows a rapid, distortion-proof cutting and gauging of all conductive materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc.
  • It allows interfacing with automated cutting systems
  • 46 kg weight and 67 x 31 x 56 cm dimension
  • Maximum Absorbed Power: 12.5, 25 kW
  • Maximum No Load Voltage: 316, 348 V
  • Maximum Absorbed Current: 38, 40 A
  • 50, 60 Hz frequency
  • 40, 50 mm cutting thickness
  • Easy to carry
  • High cutting current stability
  • User-friendly easy to read and adjust digital panel

Hugong CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

  • 220, 380 V power and 6 - 120 mm thickness
  • Cutting Width and Cutting Length of 3200 mm and 12000 mm
  • 170 mm torch up down moving distance
  • Flame cutting torch and Plasma cutting torch
  • Highest cutting speed is 12000 mm
  • 1 year warranty service
  • Processing Material: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Metals and more
  • These cutting machines are available in 3 colors red, black and grey

Steel Tailor CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

  • These cutting machines offers 3 cutting modes Water jacket, Platen, Arc voltage sensing THC
  • These cutting machines thickness range from 0.3-22mm
  • Avoid thermal deformation and adhering slag.
  • Durability
  • Multi purpose machine
  • 110/220V input voltage
  • 60/50Hz power frequency
  • Processing Material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, copper alloy, nickel alloy and titanium alloy
  • 3800 x 2200mm x 1300mm size
  • 1500 x 3000 effective cutting area

Plasma Cutting Software and Technology

Plasma cutting machines has experienced a rapid growth in latest cutting software and technologies that aims at offering efficiency, precision, and overall performance. Some of the latest trends taken place in technological advancement are CAD/CAM Integration that permits the user to design the components digitally and convert those design to machine readable codes, nesting software technologies optimizes the layout of parts on metal sheets, real time monitoring technology features like monitoring parameters like torch height, cutting speed, gas flow, and power levels and Automatic Height Control systems.

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