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Top Engine Oil Suppliers Dubai

Fyind provides a list of top Engine Oil suppliers Dubai are specialized in the manufacturing and supply chain of various types of engine oil lubricants built for engine use. These engine oil minimize friction, cool and safeguard engine parts and performance and continuity of automobile and industrial engines.

Engine Oils are classified into two cycle and four cycle engines.

Four Cycle Engine Oil:These engine oils are specially made for cars and lawnmowers because they reduce friction when the movement of engine components occur due to heat generated by friction. They serve as greasy mediator by lessening friction and safeguard against corrosion.

Some of the series that comes under Four cycle engines are S60, 2000Mx4, Gx7,Mx6, 1163-01 Marine.

Two Cycle Engine Oil:A lubrication type engine oil build for two stroke engine and are mainly applied in leaf engines, motor boats and chainsaws. These two cycle engine oil comes with gasoline and both act as lubricant and fuel stabilizer by minimizing friction and engine safeguard.

Some of the series that comes under Two cycle engines are S53,S72,S91 and S149.

Engine Oils are very crucial in the daily lives, they keep running the vehicles smoothly and efficiently. Engine oil suppliers and dealers in Dubai provides various types of engine oil for daily life applications. These engine oil comes in different types like Mineral oil, Synthetic Oil, High-Mileage oil and more.

Get in touch with Top Engine Oil Brands Dubai and get info on various types of engine oils.

Best Engine Oil Dealers Dubai:

Engine Oil is a lifesaver when it comes to safety of engines because it does various operations daily. One of them is synthetic engine oils they are the most popular and highly consumed one in he Dubai market. Lets talk about different types of engine oils and brands in Dubai.

  • Avanza OW Engine Oil
  • Lubricant for Engines 3661 2T
  • Premium Motor Oil Gasolina
  • Vestel 4T Scooter Engine Oil

Avanza OW 30 Engine Oil:

Avanza OW 30 is a synthetic type engine oil manufactured by a well known brand name Midland Swiss Quality Oil weigh around 0.842 kg, fuel saver and suitable for volvo vehicles. Get theAvanza 0W 30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil, 175 Kg Drum and get price of this engine oil and its available stock..They provide protection on engines against corrosion thus extending the engine lifespan. They appear as drum covering class and available in brown colour.

Applications: Automobiles, Marine, Agriculture, Industrial

Lubricant for Engines 3661 2T

Designed and built by Bellota brands these Engine oil are used in daily industrial applications and are available in black, green, grey, red, white colors. Get in touch withLubricant for Engines 3661 2T and get price quotes for different types of engine oils. They weigh around 942 kg, available in 25 pieces and Optimized blends for improved machinery performance as well grease for parts and engines and partnered with its supply chain partner MAK power machinery and equipment rentals.

Premium Motor Oil Gasolina

Manufactured and supplied by Ditrol lubricant brands these engine oil are multi grade and its performance level is great. Its stocks are available in 4 co-lours like red, grey, black, white. It also meets ASTM D-1500, ASTM D-1298, ASTM D-445, ASTM D-2270, ASTM D-92, ASTM D-2896, ASTM D-97 standards. Leading supplier and brand of quality range of automotive and industrial lubricants.

Vestel 4T Scooter Engine Oil

A synthetic type of engine oil built by Vestel brands it is applied in most complicated task like highways and heavy blocks and traffics and provides excellent oxidation stability low temperature flow properties enhanced fuel economy and extended drain. The container size of this engine oil is 900 ml and available in yellow color. It meets API SL, API SJ, API SH, API SG, API JASO MB standards.

Applications of Synthetic engine oils in Industries:

  • Power Generation
  • Manufacturing
  • Automobiles
  • Agriculture
  • Construction

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