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Residential Doors Suppliers in UAE

Fyind offers a detailed list of suppliers in the UAE who make different kinds of Residential Doors. These doors are suitable for both homes and industrial buildings. You can contact these suppliers to find out about the different doors they have and their prices. These doors come in many sizes and designs.

Residential Doors Dealers in UAE

The Front Door is not just where you enter; it's like the face of your house. It gives the first impression of your home to guests and sets the mood for the whole place. Nowadays, there are many pretty and stylish designs for front doors. Bagno Design LLC, Najmi Furniture, Advanced Creative Technical Services LLC, Lakshmi Metal Tech, Zayani & Co. LLC, SM & Rahmani Building Materials Trading LLC, MIACASA Steel Industries LLC, Safe Master LLC, and Al Ghandi Building Materials Co LLC are well-known dealers and suppliers of residential doors in the UAE. They offer a big selection of doors, including automatic telescopic doors, high-security emergency doors, and plywood doors to meet your needs.

Modern Front Door Designs & Exterior Entry Doors

Minimalist Masterpiece

Visit the profile of SM & Rahmani Building Materials Trading to see their simple and stylish door designs. They have doors in modern colors like dark grey, black or white. Their range includes:

  • Pivot Doors: These have a modern, smooth look.
  • Flush Doors: These are flat and simple, without any raised patterns.
  • Corten Steel Doors: Strong and good for all weathers.
  • Glass Doors: These make your entrance feel more open and come in frosted or stained glass.
  • Geometric Design Doors: These have various colours and shapes.

Pick a door that matches your home's overall look.

Wooden, Metal & Composite Doors with Textured Patterns & Designs

The suppliers mentioned have a big selection of home doors. They include rustic wood doors with natural patterns and swirls, or reclaimed wood doors that show textures and designs. There are also composite doors that look like steel or metal. These are long-lasting and good for all kinds of weather, and they're not too expensive.

Residential Sliding Doors

The Jacob Delafon Contra Sliding Door from Al Ghandi Building Materials Co LLC is a flexible and fashionable choice for doorways. They offer different materials, styles, and setups to match what you want. This specific door has clear glass and comes in a shiny color. It's a big door, measuring 1800 x 1950 x 8 mm, which makes your entrance look wider. Jacob Delafon Serenity Sliding Door Reversible has a special feature where you can change the positions of the door panels on the track. This means you can choose which panel to use as the main opening door. The size of the door is 1000 x 1900 x 6 mm and it weighs about 32.8 kg.

Look for more choices in wooden doors and sectional doors and get in touch with the appropriate suppliers to ask about their prices and features.

Sustainable Residential Doors

If you want eco-friendly and sustainable doors, the suppliers mentioned have what you need. They also offer salvaged doors or can turn old doors into something new and unique. Plus, they have doors with smart locks and sensors to help save energy and increase security.

Colour Shades for Your Residential Doors

A dark green, bright yellow, or elegant dark blue can quickly give your home's outside look a lot of character and be the main thing people notice. Just check that the colour goes well with the other colors outside your house.

Enhancing Front Door Security with Smart Locks and Technology

In today’s world, safety plays a vital role, and our homes deserve unwavering security. The front door that was once a simple barrier can then be transformed into a powerful technological guard with smart doors and many other features.

Smart Lock Features

Zayani & Co. sells a solid door called the Defence Plus. It's like a super-sized vault door, weighing over 350 pounds! This heavy-duty door is specially made for places that need extra security, like banks. They can even make custom-sized doors if you need something special. So, if you need a door that's super tough and keeps things safe, the Defence Plus from Zayani & Co. might be the one for you. They also have multiple options like high securty doors from GODREJ, and High Security Main Door HSD 65 Mm.

Soundproofing Solutions for Your Doors

Airborne vs. Structural Noise: Airborne noise travels through the air, like voices and music, while structural noise vibrates right through the door, like footsteps or knocking on doors. Each requires different strategies. Contact the listed residentil door suppliers to get in custom designed for your needs.

Door Protection Strategies

Consider modifying solid wood or metal doors, or adding mass-weighted vinyl (MLV) to existing doors. Seal the deal: Gaps around doors are key entry points for noise. Place the weather strip around the entire perimeter, including the top and bottom, ensuring a good fit against the door frame.

Preparing Your Doors at all Weather Conditions

Strength of Doors: Check your doors for any weaknesses and if they are made of solid materials like solid wood or reinforced steel.

Locking Systems: Make sure your doors have strong deadbolts with at least one inch, preferably two deadbolts, to withstand the pressure of strong winds.

Storm Shutters: Invest in rated hurricane shutters that fit your door size and installation type. Plywood can be an excellent choice, but it needs to be installed carefully and may not withstand strong winds effectively.

Interior Doors Dubai Price

The Cost of Interior Doors ranges between 2000 to 4000 AED. Some of the popular brands providing high quality Residential doors are BAGNODESIGN, GODREJ and JACOB DELAFON.

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