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About Floor Scrubber Machine


Floor scrubber machines are critical for keeping commercial and industrial floors clean and sanitary. They are intended to clean vast sections of flooring effectively, eliminating dirt, grime, and stains.


Our floor scrubbing machine selection includes items from top UAE vendors. We offer the correct machine for your needs, whether you need a ride-on sweeper or a small scrubber drier.


Ride-On Scrubber Sweeper Traction Battery 100S


This powerful ADIATEK equipment is ideal for big areas. With a cleaning breadth of 1000mm and a 1800W brush motor, it can clean even the dirtiest floors fast and effectively. The machine is battery-powered and weighs 670kg, making it simple to manage.


Introducing the i-mop XL Scrubber Dryer


The I-TEAM i-mop XL Scrubber Dryer is a flexible and effective machine that can clean various surfaces. It can tackle even the toughest cleaning duties with a power of 700W and a run period of 60 minutes. The machine comprises high-quality components such as PP and aluminum alloy to ensure durability and lifespan.


Scrubber Drier IPC CT 15 C/B 35


IPC's CT 15 C/B 35 Scrubber Drier is a compact and powerful piece of equipment ideal for small to medium-sized settings. This equipment, with the model CT 15C/B 35 and the brand IPC, is designed to deliver efficient and effective cleaning.


We at Fyind are dedicated to supplying our consumers with the best floor scrubber equipment. To learn more about our goods and services, please contact us immediately.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a machine that cleans floors?

Ans: A floor cleaner machine is a cleaning tool that uses spinning brushes to clean hardwood, vinyl plank, tile, stone, brick, and carpet floors. It is made to make getting rid of dirt and grime easy and quick.


2. What does a floor cleaner machine have?

Ans: Floor scrubbers can have features like pre-moistened rollers that are easier on floors, vacuum power that pulls dirt right off the rollers, and an all-metal housing that is strong, durable, and saves space.


3. What kinds of floors can be cleaned with a cleaner machine?

Ans: A floor cleaner machine can clean many floors, including hardwood, vinyl plank, tile, stone, brick, and carpet.


4. How does a machine that cleans floors work?

Ans: Scrubbers that turn on a floor cleaner machine clean the floor's surface. The motor that turns the scrubbers at high speed allows them to get rid of dirt and grime from the floor surface.


5. What are the perks of using a machine to clean the floor?

Ans: A floor cleaning machine can save time and effort compared to cleaning by hand. It can also give your floors a better, more regular clean and help them last longer by removing dirt and grime that can scratch and build up over time.

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