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About Split Bolt Cover


A split bolt connection is an electrical connector used to connect two or more electrical wires. It is often used in electrical connections that need strength and durability. But a split bolt connector can be damaged by wetness, dust, and other things in the surroundings. A split bolt cover can help with this.


A split bolt cover is a protective cover that keeps wetness, dust, and other contaminants from getting into the split bolt connection. It is easy to assemble and made of strong materials that can withstand rough circumstances.


The split bolt cover fits over the split bolt connection and makes a safe and secure seal around it. It comes in different sizes to fit different split bolt connections and is made of high-quality materials immune to corrosion and other environmental factors. It's easy to put the cover on, and it's also easy to take off for upkeep or repairs.


A split bolt cover has some benefits, such as:


  • Protecting the split bolt connector from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors. 
  • Making installing and removing the split bolt connector easier for maintenance or repair. 
  • Making it safer by lowering the risk of electrical shock.


A split bolt cover is an important part of any electrical system that uses split bolt connections. It protects against external factors and makes the product more durable, long-lasting, and safer. It is a cheap way to protect your electrical lines because it is easy to put on and remove.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What's a Split Bolt Cover?

Ans: A Split Bolt Cover is a piece of plastic that goes over a split bolt joint to protect it and keep it from getting too hot.


2. What is the wire range for Split Bolt Cover's equal run/tap?

Ans: For Split Bolt Cover, each model has a different conductor range for equal run/tap. For example, for the Burndy SC2/0 type, the conductor range for equal run/tap is 4 str.-1/0 Str.


3. What kind of connection does a Split Bolt Cover have?

Ans: A split bolt connects the Split Bolt Cover.


4. How many volts can the Split Bolt Cover handle?

Ans: Each type of Split Bolt Cover has a different voltage grade. For example, the voltage limit of the Burndy SC2 type is 600 VAC.


5. What kind of copper connections can be used with Split Bolt Cover?

Ans: Copper connections that work with Split Bolt Cover depend on the model. For example, the Burndy SC2/0 type can be used with copper plugs from the KS25, KS26, KSA2, KSA1/0, KSU25, and KSU26 series.

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