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About Split Bolt


Split-bolt connections are a type of electrical connector used to connect two or more electrical wires. They are made to connect wires strongly and reliably, ensuring electricity moves easily and safely. 


Split bolt connections are often used in various electrical tasks, such as distributing power, connecting to the ground, and making a link.


Most split bolt connections are made of strong materials that won't rust, like copper or a copper combination. This ensures that even in harsh settings, the connections are strong and will last a long time. Some connections are made of a copper-aluminum combination, making the connector highly conductive and lighter.


Split bolt connectors can be used with many different sizes and types of wire, like copper and copper weld. They are often used for grounding and connecting and in methods for getting power to different places. In electrical systems where a strong and stable connection is needed, split bolt connectors are also used.


There are a lot of different kinds of split bolt connections, and each one is made to meet a certain need. Some connections are made to work with only certain wire sizes, while others can use a wide range. Some connections are made of things other than metal, which can be helpful in some situations.


We sell split bolt connections made by top companies like CTS and NSi. Our links are made of strong, corrosion-resistant materials and can be used with wires of many different types. We have the right tool for you whether you need a grounding, bonding, or power transfer connection.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a split bolt? 

Ans: A split bolt is a connection that links two or more lines.


2. How is a split bolt used? 

Ans: A split bolt connects two or more wires by clamping them between the two halves of a metal bolt.


3. Can a live link be made with a split bolt?

Ans: Yes, split nuts can be used for live links if properly insulated.


4. How do I make a good split-bolt connection? 

Ans: Strip the wires you want to join, insert them into the split bolt, and tighten the bolt with a wrench.


5. What are the qualities of a good split-bolt connection? 

Ans: A good split-bolt connector should have smooth-running threads, wrench flats that are easy to hold, and high rust resistance.

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