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Round Head Bolt

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Round Head Bolt

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About Round Head Bolt


A bolt with a round head and a threaded stem is called a round-head bolt. It is often used in building, machinery, and car uses. The round head has a big surface area, which makes it perfect for situations where a tight grip is needed.


Round head nuts come in various sizes and materials, such as carbon steel, brass, and stainless steel. Most of the time, their thickness, length, and thread pitch are used to measure them. 


Depending on the use, the round head of the bolt can have only some threads or all of them.


Often, round-head bolts are used when a smooth, rounded head is needed. They are often used to put together furniture in cars and buildings. They are also used in machines and other things that need a tight grip.


The bolt's round head has a big bearing area, which helps spread the load evenly. This makes it great for situations where you need a tight grip. The round head also has a smooth, finished look, which makes it perfect for situations where looks matter.


In the UAE, many places sell roundhead nuts. Baseline Bolting Industries LLC and S.V. Metal Industry LLC are two of the best ones. These companies sell a variety of roundhead nuts in different sizes and materials to meet the needs of different uses.


If you need a trusted source of roundhead bolts, you should call one of these companies.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a bolt with a round head?

Ans: A round head bolt is a type of bolt with a round head instead of a square head like a carriage bolt.


2. What do round-headed nuts do?

Ans: Most of the time, round head bolts are used to put wood together because wood is soft and allows the bolt to press against the surface of the wood and grip friction when the nut is tightened.


3. Can roundhead nuts be used with things other than wood?

Ans: Yes, round-head nuts can be used with things other than wood, but wood is where they are most often used.


4. How are carriage bolts and round-head bolts different?

Ans: Round-head bolts look like carriage bolts, but they don't have the square curve under the bolt's dome-shaped head.


5. What sizes are there for roundhead bolts?

Ans: Round head bolts can be made with a width of 1-1/4".


6. Are there different kinds of nuts with a round head?

Ans: Yes, there are different kinds of roundhead nuts, like the ones that connect bearings.

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