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About Expansion Bolt


Expansion bolts are a fastener used to keep things in place on concrete, brick, or other hard surfaces. They are often used in building, industry, and other fields. The way expansion bolts work is that they spread out against the area they are attached to, making a stronghold.


There are different kinds of expansion bolts, such as wedge, sleeve, and drop-in anchors. Each type of expansion bolt is made for a different area or purpose. Wedge anchors are used for heavy-duty jobs and can be used in concrete, brick, and stone. 


Sleeve anchors are used for medium-duty tasks and in concrete, brick, and block. Drop-in screws are used for light-duty tasks and can be used in concrete.


In UAE, expansion bolts are sold by several companies, such as Titanic Trading LLC and Baseline Bolting Industries LLC. These companies sell expansion bolts and other hardware at fair prices.


Anchoring things too hard surfaces is safe and effective when you use expansion nuts. There are different kinds of expansion nuts, and choosing the right one is important for your needs. In UAE, you can get expansion nuts from places selling high-quality goods.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What exactly are expansion bolts? 

Ans: Mechanically, an expansion bolt comprises a bolt, an expansion tube, and a cone-shaped nut. When the bolt is tightened, the nut is pushed up into the sleeve. This causes the nut and sleeve to wedge together, which makes the fastener bigger.


2. Why do we use extension bolts? 

Ans: Because they can handle loads in both tension and shear, expansion bolts are good for structural links. They can join the web of another structural section type, like a wide flange beam.


3. What sizes are there for growth bolts? 

Ans: The sizes of the products range from 5/16-inch to 34-inch, and the gripping range for material thickness is from 1/8-inch for the smallest diameter to 3-3/8-inch for the largest diameter.


4. How much weight can a bolt that spreads out hold? 

Ans: About 12,500 pounds can be put on a 34-inch-diameter bolt in tension, and 11,500 pounds can be put on it in shear.


5. How do you put extension nuts in place? 

Ans: Putting in expansion bolts is easy and takes little in the way of tools.


6. Is it safe to use extension nuts in concrete blocks? 

Ans: Yes, expansion bolts can be used in concrete blocks. But it's important to use the right size and make sure everything lines up perfectly.

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