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About Needle Bearing


A needle bearing is a kind of roller bearing with thin, long wheels that look like needles. These bearings' length-to-diameter ratio is high, making them perfect for uses with limited room and high load capacities. Needle bearings are often used in clutches, engines, and gears in cars and other industries.


At FYIND, an online marketplace for businesses in UAE to buy and sell goods and services, you can find needle bearings from different sellers. For example, they have a Koyo needle bearing NKJS45 that is 45 x 72 x 22 mm. Other companies in China and the UAE also sell needle bearings.


When picking a needle bearing, it's important to think about load ability, speed, and temperature range. Different needle bearings exist, such as pulled cups, full complement, and cage and roller systems. Your choice of style will depend on the needs of the product.


If you want to find a needle bearing, FYIND is a good place to start. You can find the right needle bearing for your needs because there are many providers and goods.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Describe a needle bearing.

Ans: A needle bearing is a roller bearing that supports high rotational loads with long, thin circular rollers instead of balls.


2. What kinds of needle bearings are there?

Ans: Different needle bearings exist, such as drawn cup, machined needle roller bearings, and needle roller and cage assemblies.


3. What are needle bearings' benefits?

Ans: Needle bearings can hold a lot of weight and have a small cross-section, which makes them perfect for uses where room is limited.


4. How do I keep my needle joints in good shape?

Ans: For needle bearings to work well, they need to be oiled properly. Using the wrong way to oil or the wrong kind of grease can shorten the life of the bearing.


5. How do I pick the right type of needle bearing?

Ans: The reference number is the fastest way to determine the right type. Most needle bearings have these numbers written, but you can ask a bearing seller or manufacturer for help.

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