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About Binding Thread


Binding thread is a type of thread that is used to stitch things together in bookbinding and other crafts. It's a strong thread that can withstand the wear and tear of use. There are many kinds of tying thread, each with its special qualities.


Linen thread is strong and long-lasting, making it perfect for hand sewing. It gets bigger when wet, which keeps the paper from tearing. This makes it a popular choice for bookbinding. Linen thread comes in different colours and sizes for different projects.


Thread Made of Polyester

A polyester thread is a type of man-made thread that is often used in the printing business. It is used to make books with a machine and clothes. Polyester thread comes in many different colours and weights.


Thread Made of Cotton

Cotton thread is made from natural fibres and is soft and stretchy. It is often used to bind books and make other things. Cotton thread comes in many different colours and weights.


When picking a binding thread, you should consider the type of job you are doing and the materials you use. Some threads work better with some materials than they do with others. For instance, linen thread works well with paper, while cotton thread works better with cloth.


There are many places to buy binding threads, such as online markets and craft stores. Al Bayader International DMCC, Lineco, and The Solution Shop are all well-known companies that sell binding threads.


Binding thread is a must-have for any job, whether you are a skilled bookbinder or hobbyist. You can choose the right thread for your needs and use it to make books and projects that look good and last a long time.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What does "binding thread" mean?

Ans: Binding thread is a special thread used to hold the pages of a book together when making or bookbinding. It is an important part of putting a book together.


2. What colour binding thread should I choose?

Ans: The colour of your binding thread should be close to that of your binding.


3. Where can I find reference charts to help me choose the right tying thread?

Ans: Most vendor websites have reference charts to help you pick the right tying thread.


4. What is Smyth working on?

Ans: Smyth sewing is a way to bind a book in which a special binding thread is used to sew the pages together.


5. What does thread have to do with made binding?

Ans: In sewed binding, bent pages are held together by sewing thread at the spine.


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