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About Shelf Label Holder Suppliers in UAE


Shelf label holders are important to any shop or warehouse that sells or stores things. They help put things in order and make it easy for customers to find what they want. Many places in the UAE sell shelf-label hangers if you need them.


LOC8 LLC FZC in Dubai is one of these kinds of suppliers. They have different types of self-sticking ticket holders, like the TS210. These holders come in a pack of 100 and are 100mm wide and 25mm tall. LOC8 LLC FZC sells these goods and has competitive prices.


Fyind Industries is another company in the UAE that sells labels for shelves. In the category of aisle and bay identifiers, they have a wide range of goods, such as shelf label holders. Their website lists 184 items in this category, including storage equipment, aisle and bay markers, and more. 


When picking a supplier for shelf label holders, it's important to think about things like price, quality, and customer service. Look for a supplier whose prices are low and whose goods are good. Finding a supplier who can meet your goals and give you good customer service is also important.


Many suppliers in the UAE offer a wide range of goods for retail stores and warehouses, in addition to shelf label holders. Some of these are storage tools, display cases, and others. When picking a supplier, consider your needs and look for a company that can meet those needs with various products.


Shelf label holders are an important part of any store or building that sells or stores things. With the help of a reliable supplier, you can ensure that your goods are well-organized and easy for your customers to find. 


Think about what LOC8 LLC FZC, FY Industries, and other suppliers in the UAE have to offer and what else is out there. This will help you find the best goods for your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is a label holder for shelves?

Ans: A shelf label holder is a small plastic or metal frame that can be attached to a shelf or rack and holds a label or tag to show what's on the shelf.


2. What's the difference between signs for shelves, bins, and racks?

Ans: Rack labels show where pallets or other big items are on a rack, while bin labels show what is in small storage bins. Labels on shelves tell what is on each shelf or part of a rack.


3. What are the label plates for shelves made of?

Ans: Most shelf label holders are made of hard plastic or metal that will last long.


4. Shelf label clips can be used on what kinds of shelves?

Ans: Shelf label holders can be put on wire shelves, wood shelves, and any other rack with a bar that the label holder can be attached.


5. Why should I buy labels that stick to a magnet?

Ans: Magnetic label holders are easy to move and reposition, which makes them a good choice for marking shelves whose contents are always changing.


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